On losing an eye

Mostly, we don’t expect people with one eye to have a great time of it. Think of One eyed Willie in the Goonies In the 1980s right back to the Grey sisters of Greek Mythology who shared both an eye and a tooth. 

But back in the real world people are losing their eyes and living their lives as normal afterwards. You’ve probably met some (I know I have) but may not even have given it a second thought. 
I’m joining their numbers, or rather I did last December.

I’d noticed that my eyesight was getting worse over the last year or so, but things came to a head between August and October last year. At the end of October I was diagnosed with an ocular melanoma that was too big to treat in an eye that had already seen damage due to retinal detachment and high pressure levels. 

Losing my eye (a process called enucleation) and getting my own custom made prosthesis is the only realistic option in my case. And looking on the bright side, the vision in my right eye is considered good enough that I won’t have to be registered as blind or partially sighted.  On the not so bright side, there are risks that the situation could return or spread to other organs. 

All being well; I hope to use this blog to help me think my way through what happens next and hopefully let a little light into a process that others may be just starting on. Apologies in advance if it is a painful read in places.